In Kiupe, we create games and we are also parents. We believe that kids must play in a secure environment, so this is the reason why we wrote the Kiupe Kids Charter, describing our engagements and values.

Our engagements :

  1. NO Ads in our apps.
  2. Social media are located in a parents’ space which has to be activated. We only present other kid-friendly apps of our catalogue in this area.
  3. NO Location data in our apps.
  4. NO web browsing
  5. NO in-app purchase : once you bought your Kiupe app, the entire game is yours !
  6. NO violence, disrespectful language or discriminative attitudes.

Our values :

  1. Original stories : because we want you and your kids to dive into a great universe !
  2. Quality Aesthetic : we say no to bad design !
  3. Interactive storytelling : interactions must have a meaning and serve the story.

Our charter is also available on our website :